Hypersound SpeakersHypersound is a new kind of speaker system invented by actual wizards, that uses magic to create a sound that can only be heard when standing in one spot in the room. Take a few steps to the side and the sound vanishes entirely. Stick your head back into the invisible audio bubble and you'll feel like a ghost has slipped a spectral surround sound headset over your ears.

It's the uncanny thing, a kind of sound that's entirely counter-intuitive and in abject defiance of any understanding of how a speaker system should work. Instead of sounds coming out of a box and travelling across the room to your ears, they spring forth from a spooky spot of seemingly haunted air.

The technology on which Hypersound is based was created decades ago by serial inventor (and not an actual wizard) Woody Norris, and its applications vary hugely. For example, the speakers are already being used in stores in the US to advertise Call of Duty solely to any person standing in front of a cardboard cutout of Kevin Spacey, much to the relief of store staff who no longer have to hear the same ten seconds of audio repeated a thousand times during their nine to five shifts.

Dell's New 13-Inch Chromebook11 is one of the most premium yet

Dell Chromebook 11 featuring a 180-degree hinge, protection from drops and spills and excellent battery life.

Google’s latest Chromebook laptop will be specially designed for corporate customers in an effort to get more workers off machines powered by Microsoft’s dominant Windows software.

Google Inc. is trying to win over corporate customers with the Dell Chromebook 13, which offers more flexibility to run a variety of apps that haven’t been easily accessible on previous Chromebooks. The laptops also offer more controls for corporate administrators to limit access and set rules for how workers can use them.

Satechi unveiled Aluminum Power Strip that features four AC outlets and four USB ports in a sleek, compact design ideal for reducing clutter and conserving energy. The energy saving Aluminum Power Strip is equipped with IC smart technology, which automatically adjusts the amount of power being used to the amount of power needed to match the plugged in devices’ requirements in order to avoid using surges and the use of excess energy.

Samsung Electronics unveiled its first ever and industry’s first wirelessly mobile charging monitor the SE370. The monitor comes in 23.6 inches and 27 inches sizes with a major function of tidying your work area away with unnecessary cables and ports needed to charge mobile devices.

It comes with superior picture quality, enhanced visual performance and thoughtful design, the monitor seamlessly integrates advanced technologies that offer both professionals and consumers an optimal viewing and usability experience.

Samsung’s SE370 monitor works with all mobile devices that use the leading Qi wireless charging standard, which was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Qi is one of the most readily-available global interface standards.

URPOWER® portable spotlight We often attend weddings and parties late night with low visual light to take some good memorable shots. Well bless yourselves as URPOWER portable spotlight is here to help you solve that problem.

URPOWER® portable spotlight provides the same daylight color temperature as popular professional xenon flashes, so you get natural-looking skin tones, the right depth, and soft shadows; taking photo is no longer an issue at night.