Possibly in preparation for the upcoming release of Android Pay, Google has released a brand new Google Wallet app into the wild on Google Play. The new Google Wallet features a new icon and a much sleeker design that cuts down on the clutter of the previous version.

google wallet

When you first open the new app, you'll notice that the main color theme is green, rather than the blue in the older app. The landing screen gives you the familiar options to send our request money, with an activity feed laid out below. If you open up the hamburger menu, you'll be able to tap over to view your Wallet card and balance info, along with options to lock or cancel your card and add money.

Keep in mind that this is a new, separate app on Google Play, so it'll require a fresh download and can live side-by-side with the old Wallet app on your Android phone. If you'd like to check out the new Google Wallet in full, you can find it as Google Wallet (New) on Google Play now.
From www.androidcentral.com

googleDocs voiceGoogle has added few new updates in its cloud based Apps. Among them was the upgrade to Google documents, a internet-based writing program.

From their blog they added “Voice typing has helped change the way we work on the go (when it’s easier to talk than type). We’re now bringing that innovation to the web, where improvements to voice transcription make even long-form dictation, like sharing your brainstorming ideas with teammates around the world, a breeze.”

Android Apps
Are you an Android user or Android lover? Or should I recognize you as an android app addict who loves to explore the latest and the newest applications out in the Google play store.

Here is the list of latest free releases in the Android apps - Top New Free Android Apps on Google. But if you are looking for the best applications from the millions, continue to read further.
The list in this article will help you find some of the best Android applications of all times that can be used with all features without paying a single penny.

announced major upcoming changes to Firefox Add-Ons ecosystem. Among the so many announced changes is the new WebExtensions API which will allow developers make Add-Ons that are compatible with Chrome, Opera or any browser that can accept the technology.

The new Blink-compatible API in Firefox called WebExtensions is an Extension code written for Chrome, Opera, or, possibly in the future, Microsoft Edge will run in Firefox with few changes as a WebExtension.
This modern and JavaScript-centric API has a number of advantages, including supporting multi-process browsers by default and mitigating the risk of misbehaving add-ons and malware.

Is Windows 10 a game changer?Windows 10 has got a lot of coverage over the past year due to both earlier leaks and preview builds that are released periodically to those in the insider program. As the release date of 29th July draws closer bugs are being squashed and final test builds are being released more frequently but will this be enough to prop up the continued decline of the PC industry which has seen it hit revenues of many OEMs and also software licences sold by Microsoft?

Will Windows 10 help Microsoft relive its glory days and revive its mobile fortunes? Will Windows 10 be a game changer for Microsoft?

This is really a huge ask for Windows 10 to deliver but with Windows 10, Microsoft has made steps in the right direction.