facebook live streaming

Testing for live video streaming on Facebook may have only started last month, but it is now available for all iPhone users in the U.S. Luckily, those in the other parts of the world won't have to wait long, as Facebook has committed to enabling the feature globally over the next several weeks. Android users will have to wait just a while longer, as Facebook hasn't offered an exact time frame but said that live video should arrive "soon".

Unlike its established competitor Periscope, live videos on Facebook are stored forever unless the streamer chooses to remove the video. In contrast, Periscope only allows video playback for 24 hours after the stream has finished, at which point it disappears.

windows defender av test 2016

Microsoft has conceded in the past that its anti-malware offerings only provide baseline protection. For Windows 7 and Vista, there’s Microsoft Security Essentials, while Windows 8 and Windows 10 come with the nearly identical Windows Defender.

While more advanced users gravitatetowards third-party antivirus softwares to gain an edge, many consumers will tend to stick with Microsoft's default options. Now, AV-Test Institute has published its latest findings, perhaps lending a bit more confidence to the stock malware protection provided by Windows.

Each vendor's score is a sum of three metrics: Threat protection, Performance (system slowdown, speed) and Usability (ease of use, false positives). Each item can attain a rating of 0 to 6, totaling a maximum of 18 points. A minimum of 10 must be achieved to gain a certification rating.

spotify video

Spotify is planning to launch a video streaming service, starting with a paid model and moving to an advertisement-supported model instead, though, with the first publicly available video-streaming features to be rolled out this week.

Spotify has been experimenting with video for a little while now, offering a small percentage of users from a select handful of countries access to the service, but they'll be rolling it out to a wider audience over the next few days, with the Android app set to launch this week and the iOS app set to launch some time over the next thirty days.

whatsapp facebook data sharing and encryption

Ever since Facebook purchased WhatsApp back in 2014, the two have been largely kept separate. That may change soon though, as some evidence has recently cropped up pointing to more integration between them.

An Android developer by the name of Javier Santos revealed new options within the WhatsApp beta app that allows users to share account information with Facebook. According to screenshots, the intent is to use this info to improve Facebook experiences.

dropbox windows 10

Dropbox is the latest big name to launch a new app designed for Windows 10. The cloud storage provider is no stranger to Microsoft's ecosystem, having previously launched a Universal app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 - but this latest version has been built on Microsoft's new Universal Windows Platform, and is designed specifically for Windows 10.