Google offers Advanced Hangouts Meet to all GSUITE clients

As multinational businesses are suffering from travel restrictions, its is becoming harder for companies to communicate or deliver as expected due to coronavirus scare.

Google being the leading cloud solution provider, opened up its advanced Hangouts Meet for all its GSUITE clients to continue operating wherever their staff members are; be it home, affected country or overseas.


Instagram has removed another feature and the latest to go is now the removal of the follow tab. The following tab is a section of Instagram where are able to see the activity of the people you are following.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

With over 100,000+ active installations, wp content Copy Protection & No right click boosts to be one of the best WordPress plugins to protect against copy and paste on WordPress websites.

windows 10 x


Microsoft has unveiled the new windows 10 X Operating system that will be able to run on Surface Neo Devices & dual screen devices, these devices will be available by mid-2020.

Write HTML/CSS code faster with Emmet.

For developers for write code from scratch, you might have come to realize that at some point it somehow gets tough and at the same time boring for you to keep writing the same code and or any coding language syntax.

Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS and other many languages workflow. Emmet enables you to write faster by writing simple abbreviations and just pressing Tab or Ctrl+E