how the google app understands complex questions
In its latest update, Google App can now answer more sophisticated queries a user enters. The search engine is now designed to better understand natural language and complex questions containing various elements, to fully understand the intent behind the search term.
The upgrade is an improvement of its Knowledge Graph feature, released back in 2012, which tries to learn what a user is searching for and then pulls out cards that Google thinks are relevant to the search item.

microsoft edge tab preview

Edge was Microsoft's chance at reinventing itself in the browser space and showing that it could still compete with Google and Mozilla by churning out a formidable browser. While Edge's feature set continues to lag behind its rivals', Microsoft is certainly intent on making that happen, with frequent updates and feature improvements.

the evolution of powerpoint

A couple of months ago Microsoft released Office 2016, bringing a variety of features such as real-time collaboration in Word, Excel gaining the ability to convert handwriting directly into equations, and fully touch enabled versions of the company's productivity suite. Now, Microsoft has introduced new "game changing tools", namely PowerPoint Designer and Morph to take productivity to make multi-media presentations even more interesting.

windows 10 hero
On July 29, Microsoft launched Windows 10, beginning its rollout to hundreds of millions of PCs around the world. Over 110 million devices are already running the new OS - and today, Microsoft is delivering its first major update for the OS, promising a range of significant improvements.

bishop smile
Microsoft is adding a new capability to their face APIs, this time designed to rate emotion. Based on a user's face, the software will detect and rate their expression based on 8 emotions on a scale of 0 to 1. Microsoft provides a number of use cases, especially in the consumer industry, like rating a peoples reactions to advertisements. We took it for a brief test drive, which you can see in the images below.