Windows Phone is no longer the fledgling it was a several years back, with each passing year Microsoft has released updates that have added features to the platform and almost reached parity with iOS and Android. With project Astoria in the works and already an open-sourced version of the Windows Bridge for iOS, Windows phone will benefit from the catalogue of apps available on both iOS and Android of-course assuming the developers use those tools and that’s a big IF. I’ve looked through the current Windows Phone store and tried out the apps below which I find very good and they are locally designed.

Developer: SimbaCode
This is a beautifully designed music player for windows phone. It uses native windows phone controls and follows the windows phone design (can I call ‘it Metro’ now?) language so provides a seamless experience.
Here’s to hoping it will be updated to become a Universal Windows App.
The app currently has a 5 star rating in the store.
Store Link:


Uganda Newspapers
Developer: Mosharf
This a very nice app for keeping up-to-date with the newspapers in Uganda. It’s designed to be easy to use but appears to be nothing more than a web wrapper for the corresponding mobile sites.
The app currently has a 4 star rating in the store
Store Link:



NSSF Uganda
Developer: NSSF Uganda
When I saw the official NSSF Uganda app in the store I was very excited….until I started using the app. It’s a bit of a let-down but I commend the effort. The app is in need of a major overhaul and navigation is really not intuitive. It appears to be some sort of web wrapper not using the native windows phone controls
The app currently doesn’t have any rating in the store.

Store Link:


radioUG appUganda Radio and Newspaper
Developer: Modern-Apps
Another interesting app which is geared to helping a user listen to local stations and also read local newspapers. It has some annoying ad banners during navigation…but hey it’s free. I failed to get any of the stations I tried to stream to work though. It also I assume use the web wrapper to display the newspapers. Until they fix the streaming annoying banners it may stay mediocre app.
The app currently a store ration of 4.4
Store Link:

As you can see we have slim pickings in the windows phone store for Ugandan apps with Metroziki being the best of the bunch, maybe with the Universal Windows Apps this will change.