Back in March of this year, Google spun off its Google+ services Hangouts, Photos, and Streams, after receiving lackluster usage of the social networking site. However, it seems the search giant isn't giving up anytime soon on the project. It has actually recently revamped the website, in an announcement today on its blog.
The redesigned version of Google+ is reportedly based on making things simple and easy, and listening to what its users really wanted. It will now focus on two existing features: "Communities" and "Collections." Communities is a forum-like feature that lets people interact with each other on certain topics of interest. Meanwhile, Collections is a function that lets you "immerse yourself in content about topics like surfing or tiny tilt-shift photography scenes."
The update is currently opt-in, by signing in and clicking on "Let's Go," upon seeing a prompt. However, it will soon be rolled out to more users in the future.
Source: Neowin