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Adobe’s iphone/ipad powerful and sophisticated drawing and painting app named Adobe Fresco created with highest artificial intelligence that connects brain and hand through drawing unlocking creative magic.

The App imitates fresco technique of painting and drawing by replicating those organic interactions and expands on them as explained by Adobe. Adobe scientists have studied the chemistry of common real-world pigments like cobalt and ochre. They’ve looked at the physics of how watercolors are absorbed into thick, cotton-based paper. And they’ve examined the ways that a thick slash of oil paint dries to add dimension to a painting.

How it happens:
The app uses Live Brushes, which use the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei to recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors in an amazingly lifelike way. When you paint with a watercolor Live Brush, you’ll see the color bloom into adjacent areas of the paper. Use red and yellow next to each other and they’ll naturally blend into orange at the border. You can even recreate painting with water to dilute some colors and encourage tints to mix.

Fresco includes vector brushes, which create clean, crisp, and infinitely saleable lines and shapes. You can even create your own brush using Adobe Capture. Fresco’s brushes combine the qualities of real-world painting and digital creation in a unique and sophisticated way.