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Instagram has removed another feature and the latest to go is now the removal of the follow tab. The following tab is a section of Instagram where are able to see the activity of the people you are following.


So formally there was an activity for you and an activity for the people that you are following meaning that you had the ability to see what any of your followers has been doing on Instagram.


This feature has been seen as so creepy since it promotes stalking meaning any one was able to see or follow your activity on the application.

The main idea behind the follow tab was to promote users to follow each other because you were able to see all their actions and interests on Instagram. But the sad part is that the tab was primarily used to stalk users on Instagram. Gossip followers also liked the tab, as it would reveal who celebs were following — sometimes an indication of a new relationship, either personal or professional in nature

Now after getting rid of the follow tab, Instagram emphasizes that the explore tab will now be the go to area to find new people or users to follow. The activity tab now only shows only your actions as shown below.


Lastly after the removal of this tab you will only be able to see your activity , Instagram says the removal of the tab has started on some user accounts but will take almost a week for the whole rollout to be complete.