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Facebook launches BARS App - create and share your raps using professionally created beats
The social media giants Facebook launched a fascinating App called BARS which will make it possible for rappers to create and share their raps using professionally created beats.

BARS is a new app that lets you create a high-quality rap in a fun and easy way. No formal rap experience required, you can create something great whether you’ve just thought of a dope couplet or have been freestyling for years.

According to Techcrunch, the BARS App users will select from any of the hundreds of professionally created beats, then write their own lyrics and record a video. BARS can also automatically suggest rhymes as you’re writing out lyrics, and offers different audio and visual filters to accompany videos as well as an autotune feature.

"Audio production tools can be complicated, expensive and difficult to use. With BARS, you can select one of our professionally-created beats, write lyrics and record yourself dropping bars," Facebook said.

So far you can only download it from the Apple Store. Visit bars.app.