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The SprayPrinter painting tool allows users to reproduce artwork on any surface like wall, cars, surf boards and furniture. SprayPrinter inventor Richard Murutar combined a car engine, gaming console, and a smart phone app to make it.

According to Richard what happens is that the smartphone sends the image that you want to print to printer which has already the color will spray the image onto the surface of your choice creating wonderful image.

See the video.... pretty cool


yammer external groups

The social network for businesses, Yammer now allows its users to invite people from other networks into groups. The external groups feature will complement the external networks and messaging components, by making work between different companies more streamlined.

However, users from other corporations can only be added to a new group, with the appropriate permissions of the group administrators. Other protective measures are in place, such as Exchange Transport Rules, which ensure that secure information is not disclosed, and obvious alerts when an external member enters the group. Extra updates to the data export system also authorize administrators to monitor exactly what information and messages other users can access.

android studio

Google has released Android Studio 2.0, the second major iteration of "the official IDE (integrated development environment) from Google".

The new IDE contains a number of new features, such as Instant Run, which allows the developer to see changes to their app in real-time, similar to Apple's Playground. There's also a new Android Emulator that promises to be three times faster than the old one.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry is making some key BBM privacy features free for all users. In an update to BBM on BlackBerry, iOS, and Android, users will be able to use Retract, which allows you to delete a message from both the sender and recipient, and Timer, which set limits on how long a message or photo can be viewed, for free.

microsoft build 2016 event verge 215 story

Microsoft has announced quite a bit of news at its annual developer conference Build today. Among other news, they announced the maturity of Project Centennial.

The Desktop App Converter takes an existing executable application and turns it into a UWP app, which will still only run on an x86 architecture.

These apps will also have access to UWP features and APIs, such as Live Tiles. Once compiled, they can be submitted to the Windows Store.