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I love Uganda that’s a fact. But i don’t like the way things are managed around here , am an IT person who loves the latest technology and always want to learn something new and acquire more knowledge to do something for my community through ICT , For the last 10 yrs Uganda and East Africa has been facing problems of internet because we depend on the satellite for access .well compared to the rest of the world internet here is a snail racing with a BUGATTI VEYRON , For those who don’t know the Bugatti is the fastest car ever made, that’s how bad this internet in Ug is.

For Goods sake we are in the information age and our constitution has nothing to do with it, am taking about software piracy, online fraud, hacking, internet security etc . am sure if one goes to our parliament and raised the issue , 80% will have no idea of what your taking about, 10% will say it is not important and the remaining 10% will probably try to listen in order to see where they gain from in order to make Quick dime what we know in Uganda as "Nfunirawa" for a direct translation i would put it as how do i gain (For God and My Stomach) .

For the last 2-5 months we seemed to be getting out of this circus not until the minister in charge of ICT was changed i don’t know the trick behind the changing but he clearly knew what he was doing and we were moving on smoothly developing our ICT world.
And then we were blessed with fiber that is connecting us to the rest of the world by Seacom which is already here then EASSy and Team on their way to but none seems to be concerned i mean the so called politicians because they don’t care probably don’t see the effect on them directly coz that's what they want to see. which will make these companies either exploit their clients like the rumors we have had already, well i would not like to go into that because they are private companies they can do what they like because there no laws for that.

Uganda is has a very exciting neighbor who is driving its ICT at a breakneck speed , taking about Rwanda where its technology right is way beyond that of my dear Country. And i don’t have to pin on that too. Coz it makes me feel like firing the whole parliament and the Government.
All they know here fight against each other talk about what they think will make the population love them and go against the other through the media, 95% of our radios at least have a program on politics every week where everyone says all the noise is there to say, but ask the these radios or other media houses how often they cover the ICT world , now they have moved from Land issues , witchcraft, tribalism, etc . Am not saying they should not be concerned.

We are a poor country with less caring politicians let it be the government or the opposition they are all the same and they have all ignored the most important thing that can move everything faster than they expect because all they know is power and wealth.