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As technology and computers advance more and more, it has become evident that most of the operations are now shifted to the cloud and thus relying in networks. Computers have also advanced and become more powerful, neural networks are gradually taking over from simpler machine learning to more advanced and sophisticated methods.

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence  (AI ) - Your ICT MagazineThey are already at the heart of new generations computers which have the capabilities of speech recognition and object recognition in images among others; they are beginning to outperform earlier systems of recognizing objects in images. Neural networks basically provide a platform the more sophisticated and complex computers and system which run high end jobs and take in multiple inputs or conditions and derive a conclusion based on rules, knowledge base, elimination method or learning patterns from the past conditions or inputs. Neural networks have been mainly used in systems commonly known or referred to as AI (Artificial Intelligence) Systems.

Not far back, Artificial Intelligence systems have been known to perform duties and operations based on interpolation and extrapolation mean with some of the common ones being manifested in chess computers, ping pong games on computers, traffic lights which operate based on image recognition to turn green or red, among others and lately incorporated into the mobile devices like Siri for the IPhone OS and AIVC (Artificial Intelligence Voice Command) for the android OS.

With the invention of neural networks, Artificial Intelligence systems have advanced to a new level of understanding where the system does not only rely on the pre-programmed rules or knowledge base embedded in it but also uses new knowledge and has self-learning capabilities to not make the same wrong move in a chess game as it did in any of its previous games. Looking at the trend of technology, it is safe to say that at one point in the future, the world will be run on “Code”, which code will have been written into the artificial intelligence system which will be running the world.

Artificial Intelligence systems possess limitless potential in the presence of neural networks as they can almost control anything provided it is on a network, they also possess the ability to hold conversions with humans as if they are also human, this is possible based on the fact that once an Artificial Intelligence system is coupled with a neural network, it has a wider range of learning options and given its string processing power, it will always provide the suitable answer to any question asked based on the rules gathered from the neural network and its deductive capabilities.

Artificial intelligence systems have seemed useful to all users as they help users make decisions in record time. While artificial intelligence systems are being built for the good and advancement of the computing world, it must also be noted that artificial intelligence systems barely have a conscience, they lack the capability to feel, to have emotions and hurt which makes means that they can also break all computing laws and also provide wrong data on purpose without any attachment or remorse. Which brings us to the bigger question, what can the Artificial Intelligence systems do if given a body?
The answer lies between Good and Bad based on what the inventor/programmer puts in the rules or limiters attached to the AI. At a certain point in the future, it is anticipated that Artificial intelligence system will have the capability to generation their own decision trees and tables and have the liberty to choose any path from the decision tree to execute which makes threatens human lives as artificial intelligence systems don’t have value for human life unless a rule is built into then to automatically shut them down once an attempt on human life is made.

On the whole, neural networks and artificial intelligence systems are clear advancement in the technology and computing world which will solely handle so many tasks if tackled the right way and also provide more deep areas of research.

By: Shafique Kabali
Director Software Development
UfindAds .Inc..