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Can someone standout from the crowd, shame the devil that sabotages internet, provide slow internet to Africa! And answer these questions? How many times do you open your facebook account a day? How many times do you walk into internet café to only and only surf facebook? That means walk into internet café spend your shillings or dollars or whatever currency you have to just get to facebook. Comeon guys let the truth be told ……………… we all love facebook and it loves us too!!............................Anyone objecting to this? I suggest you unsubscribe from facebook! Can you imagine over 30 million people are on facebook all over the world! Ofcourse I add to the number so is you.

Ok here is the history about facebook. Facebook was hatched in the dorms of Harvard by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his two roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes five years ago (February 4, 2004). By then Mark was just only 20years old. Him and his friends first made facebook a Harvard thing then later they decided to spread it to other five universities Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell and Yale and later on after few months went to schools that had contacts with Harvard. And that was it. Facebook has been a rolling gold stone for all those years and has continued to excite so many people around the world whereby they keep meeting their friends, relatives, ex-s that they actually lost contact in many years ago.

Facebook’s ability to relate you to someone whom in most cases is 90% a person you know or you have ever met somewhere either through work places, socially or in that small bar in your neighborhood! Anyway still results come to be true.
Businesses have adapted the idea of advertising with facebooks and most of them have rippled enormous profits due to mark’s innovative, brilliant brains. But guess what mark and his friends also at the end of day get something. Mark Zuckerberg is estimated to be above $1.5 Billion as according to Forbes 2008. This means facebook as company is estimated to be worth $15billion USD and above and this all made possible because you’re part of it. Thousands and thousands of companies around the world pay facebook to have their products, services advertised there.

Facebook has continued to also pay back to its royal users with enourmous applications that you can use to keep your profile a busy and interesting one. Also you can be able to start a group for friends, for your products, for your services or anything that you would like people to know about you and the community you live in. Of recent facebook acquired Friendfeed.com another social networking website. On top that it just launched its unique search engine.
So as users we are to benefit a lot with facebook exciting, educative features and as for it will continue to ripple enormous profits. Way to go facebook….all the best!!

This article describes a web-based application designed to provide meaningful access to the study of Computer Science to speakers of an African language who have limited experience of using English for academic purposes. Research is focused upon students of Computer Skills in the Extended Studies Programme who have studied English as a second language for the matriculation examination. The intervention involves the cooperative production and sharing of multilingual support material in both English and the students' home languages.

The article illustrates how the use of computers has the potential to solve some of the problems traditionally associated with the use of African languages as additional media of instruction in tertiary education (i.e. lack of terminology and resources in the African languages, stigma attached to their use, etc.). Maintain that learning about computers partly in their stronger language (i.e. their home language) could give students increased and more meaningful access to an educationally and economically empowering field of study.


It's 6 years now since I joined ICT world. These 6 years, I have lived, eaten, dreamt IT and have always kept myself up-to-date with the latest technologies, softwares, hardwares the geniuses do out there.

So far, in these 6years! I have only and only come across one useful tool that has kept me floating in the ICT world.......................let me make it short. I have come across only ONE LIBRARY in the WORLD that has all WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT IT, WHERE I WANT IT and HOW I WANT IT and guess what it's the "ALMIGHTY GOOGLE".

I keep asking myself how the two "home boys" Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to turn someone's garage into a golden office of developing a MEGA TOOL the world is seeking  every single microsecond of the day!

Its really so amazing to learn that  Larry and Sergey actually came from a point of having no dollar in wallet to point of them now being worth or above $16.6billion. This by the way made them be among the 30 richest people in the whole world, according to Forbes. Now leave alone the two brains behind the GIANT MEGA TOOL GOOGLE, the tool or technology or software or Engine (GOOGLE) its self is estimated to be worth or above $300billion. Isn't that sensational?


From garage to multi-billion life saving tool that has made so many IT managers, programmers, system administrators, network engineers and many more different IT professionals become experts and some called "wizards" at their work places!

Google has turned small business enterprises into shining stones of the ICT world. Google has made some people (self employed) survive for years with their beautiful packaged products in that they can get payments even when they don't move out of their houses. Google has given life to those that didn't have hope in this IT field.


So with the little mentioned above about Google, I still ask a question to all of you "DOES GOOGLE HAVE A COMPETITOR? "

This question is still puzzling me when I reach at point of looking at who is at the other side of the coin....................Is it MSN? YAHOO? ASK.COM? BRING? Or that one developed in your neighborhood?

See why I still believe Google has no competitor when it comes to what she does best:-

-         Growth:
Google's growth has been outstanding since 1998. Google currently has over 8 billion web pages cached and the number is still growing tremendously.

   Google has developed applications for almost any internet solution in almost all major languages around the world. Among the major products of Google include:-

1.      Google Chrome: a browser known for speed, stability and uniqueness. Oooh don't forget it's also secure.

2.      Gmail: Worlds growing FREE email community that is actually giving yahoo a run for their money.

3.      Others like web, images, scholar, news, blog, directory and alerts search. All these are Google solutions.

4.      Document sharing, Group mailing lists, translation of pages to any preferred language.

5.      Mobile phone applications.


I can go on and on about Google's products because the list seems not to end. Did you know that:-

May last year Google announced that is to build a Google Global Cache (GGC) in Kenya? This was to help enhance the surfing speeds in our slow internet community in East Africa and Africa in general.  It is to work  in away that once anyone within that exchange point's sphere (Internet Exchange Point-IXP) visits a webpage, the information is cached and it becomes much faster for anyone else visiting that website to access it.


This month Google launched a shopping search in china? Looks like the search giant never goes to sleep!



-         Acquisitions (property ownership):
Google has been acquiring several small start-up companies, often consisting of innovative teams, solutions and products.  Among the earliest companies google acquired was the Pyra Labs the were the creators of Blogger,  Upstartle brain behind google Docs, Baidu a Chinese search engine,

On the increasing list of acquisitions, in 2006 Google bought YOUTUBE at estimated price of $1.65 billion. This is a booming brand under Google. Am sure so many people in Africa have become fond of it. Let me be honest guys.........I love it. This is one place I was following the United States Elections, Is one place I found those funny, amusing videos that could make my day after long day full of stress.


The list is endless but for those who need more details visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Google_acquisitions



-         Financing and supporting small businesses.
Google has continued innovational individuals, companies be worth a penny. Of recent Google sponsored over 15 projects at Joomla..... one of the leading open source content management system.  
Google provided financial support in the launch of the .mobi top level domain created specifically for the mobile internet

-         Partnerships:
Google has created partnerships with world's giants in technology. One of them is NASA "Google announced a long-term research partnership with NASA which would involve Google building a 1-million square foot R&D center at NASA's Ames Reasearch Center." This was highlighted by wikipedia.to provide support to SMEs in and out of America. Google has made

Google in 2005  had partnership with TIME WARNER's AOL unit in which they have 5% stake. On top of that they cut a deal with Sony BMG Music Entertainment and the Warner Music Group to deliver video and music onto YOUTUBE.

In January 2009, Google announced a partnership with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, allowing the Pope to have his own channel on YouTube.

-         Charity or give back to the community,

-         New technologies


Phew!!!!! ................I can write pages and pages about Google but let me sit back take a glass of water and Google again and again...............because with GOOGLE technology never goes to sleep. Catch you guys later.....