Apple has continued to prove to the world of being the fastest, smartest, innovative and ground breaking ICT company in production of mobile and computer gadgets with their new iPad 2.

iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster with Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics. The magical device is set for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading ebooks and much more. Read More
Features of iPad 2:-

  • 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen.


  • Two cameras, a front-facing VGA and a rear-facing camera that captures 720p HD video.


  • It's 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad.


  • 10 hours of battery life.


  • Operating System: iOS 4.3, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile OS.


  • It has Wi-Fi + 3G.

The iPad 2 has innovative new iPad 2 Smart Cover provides protection for the iPad screen while maintaining its thin and lightweight profile. Designed with a unique self-aligning magnetic hinge that makes it easy to attach and remove, the new iPad 2 Smart Cover automatically wakes iPad 2 when it’s opened and puts it to sleep when it’s closed, and has a soft microfiber lining to help keep the screen clean. The Smart Cover also folds into a stand for typing or viewing videos

The iPad 2 will be sold between $699 to $899.

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Apple keeping up their promise of releasing a new product every year, they have launched their updated MacBook Pro Line notebooks that uses next-generation Intel Corp. (INTC) processors and the chip giant's high-speed data-transfer technology. So far this technology has only been launched in Apple's MacBook Pro Line notebook.

The new computers use Intel's super-fast PC connection technology, which allows users to transfer files at 10 gigabits per second. Intel says that at that speed a user could transfer a typical Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds.
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All models have a new FaceTime HD camera with triple the resolution of the previous generation for widescreen video calls.

The MacBook Pro will have prices ranging between $1,199 to $2,500 for bigger sizes like 17inch.
Apple said its new MacBook Pro line is up to twice as fast as the previous generation, using the latest dual-core and quad-core Intel Core processors that combine graphics and computing on the same piece of silicon.

Intel's new processor will widely adapt a name "Thunderbolt" from it's initial "Light Peak". Intel executives said are still talking with other PC makers about the technology and that they expect Thunderbolt to appear in other PCs by early next year.

Intel, which has been working for years on laser-based communications, unveiled Light Peak in late 2009. The company has predicted Light Peak--which combines high-speed data transfer and high-definition display on a single cable--could be upgraded to run at 100 gigabits within the decade.

In the meantime, Intel also has discussed a variant of Light Peak that uses copper wiring and electrical pulses rather than glass fibers and lasers--a technology more easily adapted for laptop computers.

More from Apple
Apple also released a developer version of Mac OS X Lion, which it said "takes some of the best ideas from iPad and brings them back to the Mac." The company said Lion features "Mission Control," a new view of everything running on the Mac; "Launchpad," a new home for Mac apps; full-screen apps that use the entire Mac display; and new multi-touch gestures. It also includes the Mac App Store.

Vodafone has come up with a keyboard with a SIM card slot to enable you browse on your TV set. The webbox keyboard plugs into your TV via RCA connectors.
Plug the whole keyboard, switch on your TV and you will be able to browse worldwide Web in an Opera Mini 5.1 browser. You'll also be able to send SMS and email messages, and there'll be some media services packed in too, including an FM radio, a photo gallery tool and some form of music player. There are some games thrown in as well for good measure.

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According to Vodafone hopes this device will give people in developing countries an opportunity to get online in places where Web connections are limited.

Webbox browser runs over GPRS and Edge connections and its expected to be available in South Africa from next week, and in other markets at some point in 2011.
Bless yourselfs Africa, internet access is became more easier and affordable.

Cisco rolled out a best-in-class wireless home router Linksys E4200 is a powerful simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N router optimized for maximum wireless experience. A built-in USB port and UPnP media server lets you stream HD videos seamlessly directly from your router to your wireless devices.

Read More Share files with other computers wirelessly, with network speeds of up to 450 Mbps. Maximize gaming performance with the router's 4 Gigabit ports. Plus, the latest version of Cisco Connect software gets you set up in a few simple steps and offers powerful tools for managing your wireless network.

The E4200 will also come with a new USB feature that makes it easy to add external storage to the network. After all, with it being an UPnP Media server, consumers are also able to store, share and stream movies, music and games to other devices around the home in a jiffy. The USB port can also be used as a Virtual USB port which will also enable printers to easily connect to the network, letting everyone in the vicinity to print sans pesky wires. The inclusion of Cisco Connect software will deliver simple three-step setup and network management tools such as parental controls and guest access.
The router is expected to cost around $179.99

Technology Innovation nevers is no longer a limit for IT Gadget developers like DELL. There new Inspiron Duo, a 10" tablet that opens up and twirls its screen to transform itself into a netbook is just amazing.

The Inspiron Duo looks like your regular netbook from afar. It's got a shiny lid -- it'll be available in that "Marlin" blue color as well as in "foggy night" black and "fastback" red -- and its plastic edges house the typical ports, including two USB ports and one audio jack. Under the lid it's got a nice feeling chiclet keyboard that looks quite similar to the one on the Dell Inspiron M101z and a decently sized touchpad with two dedicated mouse buttons ofcourse with 1366x768-resolution. Read More
According to engadgets "The touchscreen itself was quite responsive to light taps, but more interesting is that it automatically launches Dell's Duo Stage UI layer once in slate mode. The interface, which packs a lot of the same social networking features as the one on the Streak, is finger-friendly and provides access to Dell's MusicStage, VideoStage, PhotoStage, and BookStage applications.
It's not going to make navigating Windows 7 easier per se, but it does provide an alternative area for media consumption activities."

Below are summary reason why you should get DELL Inspiron Duo:-

  • The innovative flip design lets you switch from touch to type in seconds.
  • Listen to music, use as an alarm clock or view your photos with the Inspiron duo Audio Station2.
  • Read books3, watch movies and play games on the 10-inch high-definition (HD) display.

Dell expect to start shipping this month  at only $549.99.