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LG Cinema Screen Design monitors

LG has introduced two new IPS monitors that feature Cinema Screen Design and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity. The two displays are part of LG’s IPS7 series that will debut first in Korea and China before making an international debut.

LG has expanded its monitor line-up with two new models. Both screens have a Full HD resolution and a similar design. The difference between the two is the screen diagonal; one is a 23-inch monitor, while the other has a 27-inch panel. The new creations are only 141 mm thick and have a virtually invisible bezel, which has a thickness of only 1.2 mm. This is definitely a welcome addition for multi-monitor configurations.

The two monitors have the IPS7 name, and are not surprisingly based on one of LG's own panels. LG has specified a response time of 5 ms.

Read More While it's unclear how many video inputs the new monitors will have, the HDMI connector will offer support to Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) see image below, which allows a smartphone to be attached to the screens.