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The MOTA DOI Smart Ring keeps you connected with who you want. Check your calls, texts, email and social networking in style.

Ring in the new you.
Update yourself from calls, texts and social media with vibrations from your finger. The MOTA DOI Smart Ring lets you live your busy schedule, but still be able to interact with your social life and what’s important to you.

Swipe your way to Freedom
Scroll from screen to screen of all the different notifications you have from favorite apps. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, meeting notification, or text messages.

Disconnect to Connect
The MOTA DOI Smart Ring lets you out your phone away and still allows you to stay connected.
Be in control.

The smart ring still lets you choose who should receive or not receive your notifications in style. Start living again without unwanted distractions.
Simply fashionable with an option of choosing midnight black or pearl white. The MOTA DOI smart ring always keep you updated in style.

MOTA DOI Smart Ring
With all these features accessible with a finger swipe, the smart ring is a must have for all tech enthusiasts.

How the Mota Doi smart ring works
The mota doi smart ring has a tiny touch screen display along with a vibration, the ring displays an icon identifying the source of the notification, it can also display a short message or a calendar alert. The smart ring user can either swipe left or right to toggle through the notifications. The key to using the smart ring is installation and configuration on the smart ring app onto the mobile device.