Intel world’s biggest chipmaker said while touchscreen enabled super-thin “ultrabooks” are the focus of attention for tech industry players gathered in Taiwan this week (E13), by 2013 the buzz will have moved on to voice and gesture recognition features.

Intel is counting on ultrabooks - ultra-thin notebook PCs similar to Apple Inc’s Macbook Air and offering some of the technological chic of tablets - to revive a PC market languishing due to the growing popularity of the iPad.

Despite the economic hardtimes and higher retail price, Intel expects the touch ultrabook will be well received by the market and it will enter agreements with four Taiwanese touch panel makers on Tuesday to enable the expansion of the current capacity for touch-enabled ultrabook convertible designs by 3-5 times.
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According to Tom Kilroy Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Touch will be a major attribute in terms of purchase criteria for ultrabook and notebook, and I think the attention we will be talking about next year will be around voice and gesture.

Computex electronics trade fair:
This year it will feature around 30 touch-enabled ultrabook designs with various styles of foldable, detachable or sliding keyboards. More than 20 tablet designs will also be showcased based on the forthcoming 32nm Intel Atom SoC processor, codenamed “Clover Trail”, and running Microsoft’s new Windows 8 system.