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Are you ready for Microsoft dual-screen Surface device?Microsoft has started to demonstrate new dual-screen Surface hardware to its employees where they were showed a sizzle video for new Surface devices and dual-screen prototype hardware.

Microsoft has been building a new dual-screen device, codenamed Centaurus, for around two years, and it’s designed to be the hero device for a wave of new dual-screen tablet / laptop hybrids. Windows Central first reported on the Centaurus codename back in December, and we understand it’s more similar to Microsoft’s Courier tablet concept than the company’s previous Andromeda effort. Microsoft was working on a smaller “pocketable” Surface device codenamed Andromeda, but the company has halted its work in favor of pushing for something larger (Centaurus).

It’s highly unusual for the Surface team to demonstrate hardware more broadly inside of Microsoft before it’s been officially announced, but we understand there are fresh efforts to move away from the traditional secrecy. Microsoft has been building various dual-screen prototypes for Surface hardware, but the fact it has started showing the Centaurus device more broadly to employees indicates that the company is getting closer to launching a final product. Microsoft may launch this device within the next six months.

Centaurus will also be one of the first Windows Lite devices if Microsoft proceeds to launch the device. Microsoft is preparing a new lightweight version of Windows for dual-screen devices and Chromebook competitors.

From www.theverge.com