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Following the launch of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ earlier this year, Samsung is close to launching its new bean-shaped true wireless earphones which maybe revealed alongside the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series on August 5.

In the revealed screen shots from the Samsung Galaxy buds app; the upcoming true wireless earphones from Samsung are described to have the presence of active noise cancellation in their design and correct technique for wearing the earphones


  1. Bean shaped with a toggle switch to activate or deactivate active noise cancellation
  2. Equalizer (Choose from Normal, Bass boost or Dynamic…)
  3. Turn touch controls on or off
  4. Spoken notifications
  5. Find my Earbuds (helpful when one or both are out of sight)
  6. User manual (put the earbud in the correct ear with speaker facing inwards)

The bean shaped buds require permissions for storage space, phone, accessing your contacts and SMS. Oh, and you need to have Android 6.0 or newer to use Galaxy Buds Live. Lastly to note they have 4.5 hours of estimated battery life, 3 mics, and 12mm drivers.