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Expected Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - narrowest chin mobile phone so far.

Samsung S21 Ultra is expected to launch much earlier and it will come with 6.8 inches display size with resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels and Corning Gorilla Glass screen protection. Built with gorilla glass infront and back and little of aluminum frame.

For those that enjoy taking selfies and contant video recording, S21 Ultra comes with two 10 MP cameras with a pixel size of 1.22 microns and has 10x optical zoom lens. Not only that has LED flash, auto-HDR, panorama and exciting 8k, 4k video recordings.

The Samsung S21 Ultra will be powered by snapdragon 875 Chipset, It is expected that this is the first smartphone that will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, and According to the news, this time the company can skip the Exynos 1000 with AMD GPU version of its flagship. while This device will be paired with Adreno 660 GPU.

Galaxy S21 Ultra CAD shows that the chin and side bezels are basically the same. It will be the narrowest chin mobile phone in history.
And the CADs are stunning. Close up images show the bottom bezel of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is essentially nothing more than a lip to hold the display in place.