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SRS-RA5000 Premium Wireless SpeakerThe masters of music and its gadgets Sony, has started 2021 in high gear unvieling wireless speakers that comes with an unusual design (root tubers kind of look) that get your groove on with ambient room-filling sound.

The SRS-RA5000 Premium Wireless Speaker come with trio of up-firing speakers spreads music vertically while three side speakers spread sound horizontally delivering the ultimate in ambient room-filling sound. On addition a woofer completes the sequence providing rich, deep bass.

The speaker unit features neodymium magnets and a reinforced cellular diaphragm, which Sony says has allowed it to give the speaker strength while maintaining a compact size.

With SRS-RA5000 you get:-

  • Ambient room-filling sound

  • Easy music streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • Immersive Audio Enhancement

  • Auto Volume maintains consistent volume levels from track to track

  • Sound Calibration for easy set-up

  • Multi room music - The RA5000 can easily be added to a speaker group in the Google Home