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Here are your Bluetooth Headphones that deliver superior Audio  with 30 + hours of playtime on a single charge from Marshall.
the known audio equips makers, they have unveiled a powerful Mid Bluetooth headphone that comes with black leather vinyl, signature Marshall script logo, solid metal hinges and brass details.

With Mid Bluetooth headphones, connect wirelessly to Mid using Bluetooth aptX technology.
Bluetooth aptX minimizes audio and video syncing issues, allowing you to watch movies without experiencing horrible lip sync. Mid Bluetooth gives you the freedom to move with up to 30 feet of wireless listening range, leaving other Bluetooth headphones in the dust.

Spectacles sunglasses from snapchat2 yourictmagazine

Snap formerly snapchat has new sunglasses gadget called Spectacles. It resembles a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera for shooting video. This social-video tool is here to change the way we record, share and keep our lovely video memories.

Snap said Spectacles captures video in a new circular format that can be viewed full screen whether holding a phone upright or on its side. The device transmits the recordings wirelessly to a smartphone. It is similar in some ways to Google Glass, a widely mocked wearable device from Alphabet Inc.
Spectacles will come in one size and three colors. The wearer can tap a button near the hinge to record video of up to 10 seconds using the wide-angle lens on the glasses.

Huawei Fit, new wearable fitness watch offering features designed for every body for perfect fitness.

Huawei Fit is the perfect companion for every body – regardless of fitness level. It bridges the gap between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, with a stylish design and standard band sizes so you can easily swap for a customized look. The rugged, always-on LCD touch screen delivers important information at a glance, such as time, steps, and heart rate. Switch between preset dial styles—the time is always visible, even in strong light, thanks to the reflective and backlit display, controlled by an ambient light sensor.

"Huawei Fit is the next evolution of Huawei wearables, combining learnings from products including the Huawei Watch," said Zhengdong Zhu, president of Huawei Device USA. "We designed Huawei Fit to be the perfect fitness companion, with accurate tracking technology for fitness, heart and sleep. With a long-lasting battery, Huawei Fit is ready for anything and suitable for every body."

On 31st/Oct/2016, Alpha Audiotronics announced the availability of Skybuds truly wireless earbuds, offering an entirely new experience for travel, commuting, exercise and everything in between. With its best-in-class battery life, seamless Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) connectivity and premium audio quality, Skybuds are designed to fit any lifestyle and are available for purchase at skybuds.com and BestBuy.com.

Alpha Audiotronics' unveils  Skybuds the truly wireless earbuds with best-in-class battery life Skybuds feature four hours of on-the-go listening and 24 hours of additional battery life via the sleek and portable Skydock charging case. Skybuds connect to devices via Bluetooth and are the pioneers in using NFMI within the earbuds, resulting in the strongest and most reliable connection on the market. While other earbuds can suffer from disjointed connectivity, the technology used within Skybuds seamlessly connects the two earbuds, creating a flawless and uninterrupted audio experience. Additionally, Skybuds are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device across all operating systems, resulting in a premier experience regardless of the platform. Skybuds include a digital microphone for phone calls and on-device button controls used for audio listening and calls, giving everyone the control they need.

meizu pro5 ubuntu

Canonical has announced today that the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition is now available for purchase. The news comes over two months after pre-orders opened for the device.

The PRO 5 promises to be the first flagship phone to be powered by Ubuntu. Like Microsoft's Windows 10, Ubuntu offers a single platform across devices. If you're an Ubuntu user, this could be the phone you've been waiting for.