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Evolve's Behemoth monster adds some rock and roll to the huntEvolve is, well, evolving. Turtle Rock and 2K intend to support their asynchronous hunting game for a long time, and it all starts here with one massive, boulder-shouldered brute called the Behemoth. He’s the first new monster to be added to the game, and he’s really quite something. In fact, he’s the most fun you can have in Evolve.

Facing off against the Behemoth are four new hunters; a rag-tag collection of cyborgs, bug-eyed aliens, and radar-pinging bats. They make up the ‘Hunting’ Season Pass, whilst the Behemoth came as a pre-order bonus for Evolve. If you were later to the party than the most eager orderers, let me be your guide to if the new DLC is worth looking at.

The Behemoth is rock and roll, quite literally. He’s got a hide made from great jagged rocks, and can tuck himself into a great ball and roll forward like a murderous Sonic the Hedgehog. And at about another third larger than the Goliath, he’s a big, brash brute. Stalking through the plant life of Shear’s jungles, the Behemoth feels just that little more powerful. And that’s not a ruse.

Armed with the ability to spit lava, cause earthquakes, erect rock walls, and reign-in hunters with a huge tongue, the Behemoth is an attack-heavy monster. The rock walls can effectively cut hunters off from the rest of their party if deployed right, and since they’re indestructible until they fade, you can beat down your trapped foe whilst the other hunters are powerless to reach you. Should they find a way around your defences, curling into a ball and retreating is as easy as hitting the spacebar.

You can roll for as long as you’ve got stamina, and anything in your path takes damage so it’s a useful offensive move, too. It does leave a trail of fire behind you though, so chasing hunters can easily track where you’ve rolled off to.
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