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sony playstation 4
Sony's PlayStation 4 launched two years ago, one week before its main rival, Microsoft's Xbox One. Since then, the PS4 has been a stunning sales success - at one point last year, it appeared to be outselling the Xbox One by around three-to-one.
Microsoft has been closing the gap, with more aggressive pricing and value-added bundles, but today, its chief competitor in the gaming space announced just how many consoles it's sold so far.
Sony says that since its launch, it's sold over 30.2 million PS4s in well over 100 markets around the world. And as The Wall Street Journal reports, the company is aiming for annual sales of 17.5 million units by the end of its fiscal year in March 2016.
It's been a while since Microsoft provided an official sales figure for the Xbox One; recent updates have been limited to non-specific information - earlier this month, for example, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg said that the Xbox One had outsold its console rivals, but didn't provide actual sales figures.
The PS4 and Xbox One will of course face an intense battle for buyers' attentions over the holiday shopping season. Sony and Microsoft are dropping the prices of their consoles for Black Friday; both will be available to buy this weekend from under $300 for the first time.
Source: Neowin