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sword art online

IBM is working on a new virtual reality MMO that will turn your body into part of the game. Called Sword Art Online: The Beginning, the new game is sponsored by IBM Japan and powered by the company's tech like Watson and cloud service SoftLayer. (Sword Art Online is an anime about massively multiplayer online virtual reality worlds, making it the ideal show to be turned into a massively multiplayer online virtual reality game.)

While we don't know much about what the VR game will actually be like, it will come with at least one unique twist: players will be scanned to create a 3D model for their in-game avatar. The Beginning will also use some kind of motion control in place of a traditional game controller, letting you use your body to interact with the virtual world. The game looks to be in the early stages — the trailer primarily shows clips from the show and not the game, and features an old Oculus Rift DK2 headset.


Source: The Verge