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We know what you want: you want entirely too many photos of some new DualShock 3 controllers in a variety of non-compromising positions. The real kicker? These two controllers are "Deep Red" and "Metallic Blue," the most American of all the colors. And you do, like America, right citizen? Right. Now click through to that gallery like the Productive Member of Society #48-J12 that you are. Sony should have these on the market this October, for you to spend your hard earned money dollars on and attain the True Happiness due to every citizen consumer.

From Engadgets

While it seemed that all was going well for the Big N, it looks like those jovial times are finally coming to a (temporary) end. In an earnings report filed today, the company posted a 66 percent fall in quarterly operating profit on "slowing demand for its Wii console and a stronger yen." It's not so much the profit slide that's surprising, but the sudden admission that Wii demand has finally (finally!) slowed from a raging boil to simply piping hot definitely caught us off guard. Still, Nintendo maintained that it would sell 26 million Wii consoles before the year was out alongside 30 million DS handhelds, the latter of which has seen momentum slow due to "increased competition in the handheld business from Apple's iPhone." Now, we've known for some time that the suits in Cupertino have always viewed the iPhone as a game console, but to hear it called out as such from an entity not named Apple is another matter entirely.

Source: Engadgets