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I have always wanted to customize yourictmagazine facebook page but used to face a couple of challenges. Either the instructions i was following or just too much words were being used in the process.
Anyway there just 3 steps you need to have your facebook page get a unique name like http://www.facebook.com/yourictmagazine

However you must ensure that your facebook page has atleast a minimum of 25 fans.



1 Sign into your account.
NOTE: You must ensure your an page administrator for you to be able to assign it a name.

2. Click on pages (Left Hand Side) of your account.
When into your page click on Edit page button on the Right Hand Side top Corner of your page.

3. Go to Basic Information ----> click on Create a username for this Page? Type in your preferred username.

NOTE once confirmed there is no turning back!!!



The username yourictmagazine has been set for Your ICT Magazine. Now you can direct your fans to facebook.com/yourictmagazine