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Sometime back I wrote steps on how to configure Microsoft outlook and Microsoft outlook express.
Today I want to add something important that can be useful to you incase you have more than one email address and you want to use the same email application to download emails.
These steps help you to avoid mixing emails.


Microsoft Outlook Express; follow the steps below:-


  1. Open up your Microsoft outlook express, Click on File -> Identities -> Add Identities.
  2. Type your name “name to identify your identity” you can provide it a password by ticking “Require a password”.
  3. Click “OK” and a pop box will appear “Do you want to “name of your identity” now?
  4. Then you will be switched to your newly created identity and can start configuring it with necessary email settings. Follow the steps HOWTO CONFIGURE MICROSOFT OUTLOOK EXPRESS. Read More


Microsoft Outlook;


  1. Click on Start -> Control panel -> then double click “Mail” icon.
  2. Choose profiles on the three options provided “Setup multiple profiles of e-mail accounts and data files.” Click on “Show profiles”.
  3. Click on Add and then enter the profile name into the popup box and click.
  4. Then you will be redirected a configuration wizard box and you can use the steps in “HOWTO SETUP MICROSOFT OUTLOOK.
  5. NOTE: To be able to switch between profiles at startup I suggest you enable that option  of “prompt for a profile to be used”.

The reasons why I prefer creating profiles or identities for emails is that, you can clearly separate your emails as per your account details and yet at same time your using  one application of your choice.