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Hey buddies thought this would be important so I came up with couple of steps on how you can have your contact details or signature into any of email application of your choice.


Microsoft Outlook:


  1. click Tools -> Options -> Mail Format -> Click on “Signatures” button.
  2. In the new window “Create Signature” -> on the right of that widow click on “New”.
  3. Enter the name you would like to call your signature… mine is “Bob” then you can choose the way you want to create your signature.
    Start with a blank signature. Click NEXT
  4. In the box where the cursor blinks you can add in your contact details / signature depending on your preferable formula.. After click OK and also on the next screen.
  5. Choose the name of your signature on Signature for new messages and signature for replies and forwards. Click Apply and OK.


You have successfully added your contact details into your M/S outlook emails.


Microsoft Outlook Express:


  • Click Tools -> Options -> Signatures -> (under signatures) Click New
  • You can rename “from Signature #1 to say bob” then add your text in “Edit Signature” or you could upload your html file. Any of the options works well.


NOTE: signature settings option must be activated in order to see your signature when sending emails.




  • If you’re using a Roundcube as your Webmail application well you to can have a signature.
  • Click Personal Settings -> Identies.
    Under Identies -> Double click your email address. Double click on it then fill in the options inclusive of your Signature details.


Yahoo Mail:


  1. Click on OPTIONS on the top Right Hand Side-RHS. Its just above Try the new Yahoo! Mail.
  2. On the drop down choose/click on MAIL OPTION.
  3. On LHS click Signature then click on Show a signature on all outgoing messages option.
  4. Then you can fill in the text box with your contact details.
  5. Click " Save Changes " on top of the signature. And that is it.




  • Click on settings just next to your user ID.
  • Under General Settings you will see Signature click on text box and enter your contact details.
  • Then scroll down to “Save Changes

Incase you have something easier, better that can help all of us regarding signature add-post it through the comment section.