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computer virusIt can happen to anybody; your computer starts to really slow down, acting weird (unwanted programs start popping up, webpage website start duplicating themselves, computer  freezes alot and many other symptoms). At this point you begin to think you’ve contracted a computer virus. 
Don't feel stupid, this even happens to the most technically savvy people amongst us.  If you don't already have a virus scanner (antivirus software) I suggest installing one and scanning your computer for viruses.

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Your computer may also slow down not because of a virus, but because of one’s carelessness or ignorantly doing what you think is helping. Such as installing more than one antivirus on your computer or un-necessary applications that run in the background and take up a lot of your resources hence slowing down your machine.


You could download a FREE copy of AVG antivirus, AntiVir personal or buy yourself a lincensed version of antivirus. 

Once you've downloaded, install the application and then make sure your connected to the internet so as to update the software so you have all the latest virus definitions.  Once you've updated it, run a full system scan.  If you do have any virus' this should let you know and will most likely quarantine them.  Conveniently, AVG also searches your computer for spyware and adware; so if it is not a virus slowing your computer down but some sort of malware, it will also conveniently take care of your other issues.


Here are some simple diagnostics you can do for yourself and tell there is a virus on your windows machine.
1.    Hold these keys Ctrl+shift+esc if the task manager does not pop up and it says Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator . That’s one sihgn there is a virus.
2.    Go to start and then Run . Type regedit . If does the same and does not bring up the registry. Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator.
3.    If u open your processes and there is SVCHOST.exe or shvchost.exe or something else similar instead of svchost.exe then your infected.
If all this is too much for you to handle, buy a Mac or get rid of Windows or install a Linux based operating system!.