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Have you been in situation where your administrator or webhosting provider sends you a password and you don’t know where to go change it. By the way it is always important to change your email password after administrator reset or on interval of 60 to 90days.

Here are some of the steps to allow you change your webmail password.

Step 1:
Login into your email through www.yourdomainname.com/webmail or webmail.yourdomainname.com.  Enter your full email address and currently given password.

Change Webmail Password for Cpanel Users

For successful login will take you to screen below.
Note:  If you already choose your preferred webmail application, it still doesn’t matter, you will still be able change your password with these steps given.


Change Webmail Password for Cpanel Users


Step 2
Click on dropdown arrow next to your email address or Name in top Right Hand Corner of your webmail interface.

Change Webmail Password for Cpanel Users

On the menu shown click on Password & Security link. In the screen below you can enter your new password.



  1. Always ensure your password is strong enough, mix in numbers (0 – 9) special characters ($,#,.,?,!) and Capital letters (A-Z).
  2. Password should be above 8 characters to be unpredictable.
  3. Always try to remember it not write it somewhere.
  4. Using password generator is usually a risk move because the password generated its usually trick to remember off head.

Looking forward for your comments and experiences.