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Recently as I was trying to change my picture image format from ‘JPG’ to ‘jpg’ it really seemed cumbersome since I could not see the picture extension in windows explorer. By default, Windows Explorer hides certain parts of a filename from you. For example, a file named "example.txt" will appear in Explorer as "example". Likewise a file named "church.jpg.exe" will appear to you as "church.jpg".

But don’t get your hopes low here is the fastest solution on how to display file extensions in windows ten, let’s do this.

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 10
Display of files without extensions in windows explorer


On your key board press the control + E buttons to launch windows explorer and then navigate to the folder/directory where you would wish to see the file extensions.


Step 2

From the navigation pane click to expand the ‘view’ tab to show more controls and it’s from here where you make sure that the file name extensions checkbox is ticked.(by default the file names extensions check box is unticked).

File name extensions checkbox unticked



After the file name extensions checkbox has been ticked

Finally after the file name extensions has been ticked, this will show the file extensions for all files in windows explorer.

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