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Safe Boda Sharing Credit

Another exciting feature from safe boda! After fully redesigning their mobile app into another cool user interface, safe boda has now added a new awesome feature that enables you to share credit with anyone using the safe boda app.

The app now let’s your share cashless credit with your family and friends securely without any worry and in the shortest time possible


To share safe boda credit with your friends and family do this:

After launching the safe boda app, you can now click on the share icon then you will access this view.


    Then click on start sharing in order to be able to start sharing credit.


You can now select a beneficiary from your list of friends so that you can share credit. You can select a beneficiary by tapping on the specific person’s icon.

-    You can now input the amount you wish to send followed by your pin to successfully share credit.



-      You will only be able to share credit with only the people who have installed the app and actively use it.

Stay tuned for more awesome articles on what safe boda can do.

By Muganzi Martin