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facebook video download

Facebook has millions of interesting videos that people enjoy watch and share , well some people may want to download and share the videos on other platforms like twitter, you tube, Instagram and so many others.


Unfortunately Facebook has no direct way of letting one download the videos directly

I will show you a much easier and fast way to download any Facebook video that you may be interested in.

Step one

Login into your Facebook page and then click on the video you would like to download , make sure you can access the video full preview. Once the video has loaded, you can now right click on the video and select display video url.

facebook video download

Step 2

You can now copy the display video URL to you clipboard or you can save it on you sticky notes

facebook video download

Step 3

You can now open a new tab on your browser and type in this URL https://en.savefrom.net/ This will load a platform in which you input your Facebook video URL to download.


facebook video download

Step four

Paste in the Facebook video link and click on the download button to save the video


facebook video download


You can choose your favourite location to save you videos