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Shortcode Generation in Wordpress

This tutorial will help you Insert a widget or multiple widgets or a entire widget area (sidebar) into a page using a short code. This is very helpful incase your installed widgets have no short codes,

We shall use a plugin called amr short code any widget by anmari

generate battery power report on your laptop (Windows 7 to 10)

Having a laptop with a weak battery is sometimes so annoying and irritating.

Today I will demonstrate how you can generate a full report on your battery status and this will help you understand if you should consider battery replacement or not.

For this operation we are going to use the windows command prompt(cmd).

Safe Boda Sharing Credit

Another exciting feature from safe boda! After fully redesigning their mobile app into another cool user interface, safe boda has now added a new awesome feature that enables you to share credit with anyone using the safe boda app.

The app now let’s your share cashless credit with your family and friends securely without any worry and in the shortest time possible

As a developer you may have experienced the error of maximum execution time exceeded when using xampp or wamp as your localhost. This means that your page took more time loading than what is set in xampp or wamp configuration. It can also be caused by php taking too much time to respond to the browser.

Here is how you solve this error in an easy and much faster way.

Recently I wanted to pay for my Facebook ads but my visa card had literally no money on it, I had earlier had about mtn MoMo card but had never tried it out. Cutting the long story short, I was able to set up my MTN MoMo card and process my online payments in less than 2 minutes.

MTN has partnered with MasterCard to offer customers the ability to make online payments using a virtual card – MTN MoMocard.

The payments are made from the customer's MTN MoMo account. (MoMo stands for mobile money). Here’s how can do it

 MTN master card (MOMO Card)

Step one

One your mobile phone simply dial *165*70# and the following preview will be shown.

MTN master card (MOMO Card)

Step two

Select option 1 to create the MTN MoMo Card

 MTN master card (MOMO Card)

Enter your mtn mobile money pin, for every MTN MoMo card created, it charges you a fee of 1000 ugx.

After those simple steps your MTN MoMo card is now created and ready for use anywhere, you will receive a message on your phone showing you card details.


  • Each MTN MoMocard you create will cost you UGX 1,000.

  • An MTN MoMocard has a maximum value of UGX 3,000,000 and is valid for 30 days.
  • You cannot withdraw cash using the MTN MoMocard. It can only be used to make online payments.

 By Muganzi Martin