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Now that everyone are relaying on mobile devices to check emails. We still obliged to get you around Microsoft outlook 2010 as we did for Ms Outlook 2003 and Ms Outlook 2007.


Where to find Microsoft outlook 2010
Go to START button icon -> scroll to Microsoft Office ->then click on Microsoft Outlook 2010. Alternatively you can just click on Start button and then search using the search bar just close to the start button.
If it is the first time to do click on it it will take you to an interface as shown in image below.

Howto configure Microsoft Outlook 2010

For those with already configured outlook open it and click on Home then settings -> Account settings

windows 10 mobile upgrade

Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile to the masses, those that have opted not to install Insider Preview builds on their device. After all, most average users don't bother with such things, even with stable builds being offered through the Release Preview ring.

Now that it's here, it's not going to be as simple as checking for updates. You need to download an app to enable your phone for Windows 10 anyway, which is odd, considering that if you're on a PC, you actually have to do work to not upgrade to Windows 10.

lets encrypt

Letsencrypt.org was founded to help address some of the issues in the web industry that led to the widespread failure of website owners and operators in obtaining secure certificates.

The average website you visit is typically accessed over HTTP (HyperText Transport Protocol). Accessing a site over HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a different process from HTTP. Accessing a site over HTTP makes your traffic visible to everyone on the network. Using tools like WireShark, if you were to park yourself at the point where your network meets the internet, you’d be able to see all the traffic (URLs, content, form data) of people on your network. This is how people perform Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks. In a MITM attack, someone sits on the connection between two networks and just eavesdrops on the data going back and forth. Also, by being in the middle of the communication stream, the attacker could modify the contents going back and forth, sending you malicious data and changing what you are transmitting to the server.

Command Prompt or CMD is one of the most powerful tools in Windows, but sadly, it is also the most ignored or least used tool by the Windows users unlike the Unix, Linus and Mac OSX users who make extensive use of the terminal windows which are referred to as the cmd in windows. With the advent of the GUI based operating System, users starting feeling that computing through the command based tools was boring and tiresome as took one to understand and memorize the command they used to accomplish their routine tasks. This ultimately led the command prompt or command line into obscurity. And it ended up being used by sophisticated people normal users referred to as nerds or geeks. However the cmd is not useless, in fact, it’s pretty useful. This article provides some excellent tricks and how to’s that will make you acknowledge the power of the Windows command line tool. It will also provide you with an insight of how the windows command line is not only a useful too but also a tool you should definitely give more respect to.

For someone to launch a hack, they either need to be on site or do it remotely but I all scenarios, the computer being hacked has to be on a network of some sort otherwise no hack will be possible. If you are on a private network, it is always wise of you to check for the number of users on the same network so as to know if any of them are not allowed to have access. To accomplish this using CMD,

ClickStart on your keyboard and then type “cmd” without the quotes into the quick search. Right click the app link and click “Run as administrator”, if prompted for a password enters the password or if the prompt requires a yes or no, select yes. A window just like the one below will pop up.

In the window above, type “net view” without the quote s and hit enter. A list of the all the users on the same network as you will be generated and shown as below.

Howto Develop a Hello World Android Application using IntelliJ Idea This was written on the basis that Google is no longer supporting Eclipse IDE for android development and that the official android development IDE is the Android Studio which was based off of JetBrains’ IDE called IntelliJ Idea.

Everywhere you go, people are using mobile devices to keep in touch with family and friends, take a picture to post on a social website, find the location of a restaurant, or check the latest news headlines. Mobile devices come in many different shapes and styles. Mobile phones run a variety of different operating systems such as Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Research In Motion's Blackberry.

Some have large displays, physical keyboards, and run on 3G, 4G, 5G only in China so far, or Wi-Fi networks. Mobile phones may also have sensors for acceleration, location, or even payments. Some of these devices aren't even phones; they're tablets with larger displays and a data-only network connection.

Despite their differences, mobile devices are similar in that they all run mobile applications.