Sony Xperia Z5

Sony has unveiled it’s 2015 smartphone dubbed Xperia Z5 that comes in three handset sizes with much advanced improved camera functions. The phone comes with world’s first 4K ultra high-definition display to showcase its motion picture technology.

The handset sizes have a 23-megapixel Sony image sensor and faster shutter speed, as well as beefed-up capability to take pictures in dark settings.

The largest model, Xperia Z5 Premium, is equipped with a 5.5-inch 4K display, the first adoption of the ultra high-definition screen for smartphones. Previous Sony phones were capable of recording 4K videos, but the handset wasn’t able to playback the clips with the picture quality. Previous Xperia Z series handsets had 2K-or-lower displays.

Google brings Andriod One to Africa

Google is ramping up its Android One affordable smartphone program with a push into Africa. The first Android One smartphone for the region is being made by OEM Infinix, and is launching in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Morocco today.

The handset runs Android 5.1 (Lollipop) at launch, but Google says it will be getting the new Android Marshmallow flavor once that’s released. Users of the handset will also get free updates via local mobile service provider MTN — as Google works to simplify (and squeeze) regional data plans to make the device more attractive to its target.

What you should expect in Samsung Galaxy Note5The Galaxy Note series has expanded and improved with each new model; now, the Galaxy Note5, the latest addition to the series, is also the most carefully and beautifully designed.

A Sleek Facelift and perfectly portable:
Samsung has given the new Note model a facelift, incorporating a harmonious blend of metal and glass into its premium design.
The screen size has been maintained to 5.7 inches but made more slimmer with a narrower bezel and curved back to provide a more comfortable grip so the device can be easily operated with one hand when on the go.

Faster charging system:
The Note5 also boasts faster charging than ever. It can fully charge in just 90 minutes through a connected charger, or 120 minutes with wireless charging through Samsung’s latest wireless charger.

1.0μm-pixel-based 16 megapixel (Mp) CMOS image sensorSamsung Electronics announced the industry’s first 1.0μm-pixel-based 16 megapixel (Mp) CMOS image sensor for use in advanced mobile devices.

This market-leading small pixel “the S5K3P3 image sensor” minimizes the overall size and height of an image sensor module, making it an ideal solution for today’s increasingly thinner mobile devices. This sensor is said to leverage company’s proprietary ISOCELL technology that enable high performance 1.0μm pixels

According to Kyushik Hong Vice President and Head of S.LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics, we are pleased to be the first to deliver the most advanced 1.0μm-pixel imager, which meets both high-resolution and slim design requirements for smartphone cameras.

He continued to say, starting with 16Mp sensor, Samsung plans to further expand 1 .0μm-pixel product category and lead the image sensor market for high performing slim mobile devices.

Blackberry to buy AtHocOn 22nd/July BlackBerry announced its intension to buy AtHoc a provider of secure, networked crisis communications, as it moves to broaden its software offering and generate revenue from its BBM messaging service.
The deal is expected to close by November.

AtHoc is a leading provider of secure, networked crisis communications. Its software platform enables people, devices and organizations to exchange critical information in real time during business continuity and life safety operations. The AtHoc platform will integrate with BlackBerry's enterprise portfolio and trusted global network to offer customers new capabilities for safety, security and mission-critical business communication.

The acquisition will enable AtHoc to expand globally and increase scale, as well as deliver new applications on a secure platform for mass communication. For example, new applications may include integrating AtHoc solutions with BBM Meetings during an alert to enable live video feeds or transmit messages to provide real-time collaboration by leaders and decision makers.