As innovation of smart phones continue to come with big companies competing to deliver quality and uniqueness to consumers, LG's DOUBLEPLAY Smartphone was spotted on of recent.

According to, Doubleplay offers a unique secondary display to supplement the main 320x480 HVGA screen, splitting the keyboard a like the legacy Nokia E70 Symbian handset.
Based on the branding of the phone, it appears to be headed T-Mobile’s way, although that’s not surprising, especially since it has long been rumored that the device could be arriving on T-Mobile ever since it was first spotted several months back.

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Unfortunately while the photo and its name has surfaced, details surrounding the handset are still a little foggy at the moment. All that is known is that it will sport a slideout QWERTY keyboard, which will feature a 320×480 HVGA display in the middle, similar to the Nokia E70 Symbian handset back in the day. The LG Doubleplay is expected to launch 2nd November and will cost $150 on contract.

The iPhone 5 could go on sale on Friday, October 7, with preorders to start on September 30, according to the latest rumors in the ongoing saga of the hotly anticipated next edition of Apple's smartphone.

Citing intel from its own sources, 9To5Mac said yesterday that Apple had been eyeing either October 7 or October 14 as potential iPhone 5 launch dates. But with preproduction apparently running smoothly, the site says, Apple has opted for the earlier date. Read More

Apple will reportedly offer the phone for preorder a week before it hits store shelves, looking at either September 29 or 30, though 9To5Mac's sources pin the 30th as the most likely date. Assuming the preorder date is accurate, at least for now, that also means Apple would have to hold its iPhone 5 unveiling sometime in September.

Apple typically shows off new iPhones and iPads at high-visibility media gatherings some days or weeks ahead of the devices going on sale.

The October 7 date has also been floated by TiPb. However, the tech news site suggests taking the reports with a grain of salt since even if the date is on the money at this point, Apple's plans are fluid. Even 9To5Mac admits that "the date could and likely will change again."


After Apple has been successful with their preliminary injunction to stop Samsung from selling their Galaxy 10.1 tablet in Europe, it seems as though the company has now turned their sights on Motorola and their Xoom tablet.

Just as the Galaxy 10.1 tablet, Apple claims that “the Xoom tablet infringes on its registered EU Community Design for the iPad,” Ars Technica wrote, but it’s still not clear if this is the same reason Apple is going after the Xoom.

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“According to the complaint filed against Samsung with the Landgericht Düsseldorf, Apple has also filed complaints in the same court against both Motorola and a German company called JAY-tech over the iPad design.

The complaint against Motorola targets the company’s Xoom Android tablet, which launched in late February,” Ars Technica wrote.

This isn’t the first time that Apple and Motorola are at logger-heads. Apple is in the process of legal action against Motorola concerning more than 40 smartphone-related patents, four federal lawsuits and two on-going ITC investigations.


The 7” Acer Iconia Tab A100, built on Android 3.2, is now available on the shelves.With a 7” display and a weight of only 410g, this stylish and compact tablet is particularly comfortable to be held with just one hand. And as it’s so compact, you can slip it in your pocket and take your online world wherever you go. Read More

The Iconia Tab A100 is equipped with Android 3.2, the latest Android operating system with a super-smart screen scaling compatibility mode. This means you can access thousands more apps from the Android Market, and enjoy them in perfect resolution on the tablet’s 7” screen.

Another improvement brought along by Android 3.2 is full support of Micro SD cards that now can be accessed from the PC via USB connection.

The best thing is that the compact size goes hand in hand with a powerful performance. Powered by the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, the Iconia Tab A100 provides the same great performance as the 10” tablet in the same Acer Iconia Tab series.

On this 7” (1024×600) full touch screen tablet, you can enjoy movies, read books, and browse the web with Flash 10.3 support. Most impressively you’ll be able to run and play premium arcade games and complex online 3D games.



HTC recently launched their HTC EVO 3D. Delivering a glasses-free 3D experience, the stylishly rugged HTC EVO 3D, with the latest HTC Sense experience, makes it easy to capture and share stunning 3D home movies and stills with friends and family. Read More

“Smart phones have revolutionized how people communicate and entertain themselves on the move. You can now carry your favourite films, music, photos and games in your pocket wherever you go,” said Florian Seiche, President of HTC EMEA.

“The HTC EVO 3D allows people to explore this new technology trend beyond the living room, enabling them to capture and share their lives with family and friends in amazing 3D,” he continued.
The stereoscopic display means that 3D effects can be enjoyed naturally as images and video burst from the screen, free of the burden of 3D glasses, captured by HTC Evo 3D’s dual 5-megapixel cameras.

The EVO 3D is driven by a powerful, 1.2-gigahertz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which not only supports 3D but also delivers a fast and responsive browsing experience, instant capture of images – perfect for recording fast-paced action – and playing back smooth, HD (720p) video.