LG Electronics has scheduled to launch it's strategic smartphone "OPTIMUS ONE" overseas on October 18th. LG having debuted the gadget in Korea on Oct. 4, the company aims to sell over 10 million units around the world.

LG Optimus One will be utilizing Tegra 2's dual-core CPU and an Nvidia GPU
Nvidia says calls the GPU unit on its Tegra chips GeForce, but we're doubtful that they share anything with the PC parts other than branding. Still, Nvidia knows how to make graphics and we want to see Tegra 2 provide some tough competition for the Apple A4, Samsung Hummingbird, and hopefully give us a glimpse at the dual-core splendor that'll come with the Samsung Orion. Read More
LG touts that the two speedy 1 GHz processors sharing the workload can provide up to 2x faster web browsing, 1080p video output and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core processors running at 1 GHz.

“LG is committed to making its Optimus Series smart devices the de facto standard in speed and graphics performance,” said Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Team, LG Mobile Communications Company. “We selected Nvidia because it is the visual computing leader and has a long history of creating amazing consumer experiences.”

“The ultimate smartphones will be powered by Tegra, the world’s most advanced mobile processor,” said Phil Carmack, senior vice president of Nvidia’s mobile business. “LG is one of the most popular consumer brands, and their Optimus Series of devices with Tegra is further validation of the processor’s ability to deliver an unrivaled, turbocharged media experience.”

LG will launch through French mobile operator Orange in Austria, France, Romania and Switzerland.
And in North America it will be branded as the Vortex and marketed through the U.S.' largest mobile carrier Verizon. Then on Nov. 3 it will hit the market as the Optimus T through T-Mobile, and later in the month as the Optimus S through Sprint.