Google AndroidWhat an early joy of christmas for Google employees!, Google decided to give all it's employees around the world new mobile devices that run on the company's Android operating system.
This move is to help the search giant to continue push into the wireless market and toward more direct competition with Apple.

In a blog post Saturday, Google said the new device combines hardware built by an unnamed partner with its Android software. The free software is crucial in Google’s efforts to make its search engine and other services as accessible on cell phones as they already are on personal computers. Read More Google handed the device out to employees across the globe so they could “experiment with new mobile features and capabilities,” and give quick feedback on the new technology, said Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, said on the company’s blog.

Some sources also continued to say that Google plans to sell the phone directly to consumers, instead of through a wireless carrier. A move said to make Google go head-to-head with Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s Blackberry, as well as current makers of Android phones.
Google launched its first Android phone in September 2008, the G1 sold by T-Mobile USA. Verizon Wireless last month released the Droid, the first smart phone to run Android 2.0, and expects to launch another Android phone this year.