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As described on their website InstaPAY is a smarter payment gateway company that looks at eCommerce in a different perspective by analyzing existing hurdles to successful eCommerce in Uganda, we looked from outside the box and came up with a comprehensive online shopping flow that works here.

As Ugandan/African developers we face hurdles or clean unified mobile payment gateways, the solution for integrating mobile payments into website and apps would be to negotiate directly with the differect telcoms or banking institutions in order to have a solutions that your clients deem viable for their needs. InstaPAY fills this need quite well by providing developers with a clean, unified and modern API that is connected to several telcoms in Uganda like MTN, Airtel and other conventional payment options like VISA. This solution solves the headache that many Ugandan developers have had to incorporate payment capabilities in their apps and websites.

With the continued growth and use of technology in Uganda, instaPAY is uniquely positioned to benefit from an boom in e-commerce and will only get better as more developers use their APIs to drive the growth of e-commerce in Uganda

Visit their site at www.instapay.co.ug to sign up and try it out