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done deal

Over the past few years the Internet has slowly but surely become a more common mode of carrying out business in Uganda, coupled with the reducing prices of internet data (...still high though) it has led to the growth of many internet based startups and Done Deal is one of them.

According to their website

Done Deal offers attractive deals and discounts on services in Uganda. Done Deal gives you an opportunity to try out new experiences at a discounted price. Discover a new restaurant, spoil yourself with a spa treatment or surprise your beloved one with a romantic getaway, all in a simple and secure way.
Done Deal helps existing businesses to reach out to more clients in a more efficient manner. Done Deal is owned by Kuuza Group Limited, a company focusing on developing high growth potential online/mobile ventures for emerging markets.
With recent similar ventures failing at maintaining relevance, Done Deal has uniquely tackled the issue of providing discounted merchandise by initially offering mostly services though some products mostly food items can be purchased using their platform.
The Ugandan startup scene is becoming more vibrant driven mostly the reduced cost of owning smart phones thanks to android and low end Lumias and increasing awareness of how technology can be used to drive business growth.
With startups like instapay and Done Deal it shows the mobile may be the wave that pushes Africa to compete favourably with the west though it will be with use of our own technology and services.
Visit the Done Deal website (http://donedeal.ug) and check it out