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hp envy tablet


HP has officially unveiled the Envy 8 Note, an 8-inch tablet running the Windows 10 operating system. The specifications of the "mini-tablet" are more or less the same as previously leaked.
It includes a 10-inch keyboard which is pretty interesting since it's larger that the tablet itself and actually dwarfs it, but it will certainly make doing work easier for people on-the-go. It also includes a track-pad to further enhance its functionality.
Touting the ability to easily make notes and embed them, the company has also bundled a HP Active Pen, which is a stylus that according to the company "mimics the weight and balance of a real pen, and gives you amazing precision with real-time responsiveness."
The HP Envy 8 Note's basic model (with stylus) will sell for $329, while the version with the keyboard dock will cost $429. The tablet will be available for purchase starting November 8 in the U.S.;worldwide availability is not yet known but is listed as "coming soon".
Source: Neowin