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jolla sailfish os 2.0


We have followed the journey of Jolla for the past couple of years, but it looks like the company might be in a little bit of trouble as it has have released an official press release that calls for layoffs and debt restructuring.
According to the release, Jolla was not able to secure funding in its latest financing round that was set to close in the end of November. For this reason, Jolla is having to make changes in the way it operates, which means that Jolla has filed for a debt restructuring program in Finland. If this wasn't enough, Jolla has also announced that it will "temporarily lay off a big part of its personnel". While it's unclear how many employees will be let go, we do hope that the status of the layoffs are indeed only temporary.
Jolla is currently in the process of shipping its tablet that was funded via Indiegogo nearly a year ago.
Source: Neowin