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InMobi, a widely used mobile advertising network, could soon be acquired by Microsoft for as much as 2 billion dollars.

According to a report from SeekingAlpha, Microsoft seems to have gained success in bidding for the Indian firm, which was already on the radar of Yahoo and Google. The report mentions that the others failed to reach an agreement with the company. Microsoft is revealed to be its biggest customer, which might be a reason for the deal to go ahead. InMobi is said to be seeking a sum of 2 billion dollars, however, it may not be the final price once the deal is finalized.

Six months ago, as part of Microsoft's streamlining efforts, the company sold most of its advertising business to AOL. But it seems that the software giant wants to once again get some control over the mobile ads market, which might have led to the talks with InMobi. Once the deal closes successfully, Microsoft would be competing with the likes of Google AdMob, Apple iAd and the Windows-exclusive AdDuplex network.


Source: Neowin