As innovation of smart phones continue to come with big companies competing to deliver quality and uniqueness to consumers, LG's DOUBLEPLAY Smartphone was spotted on of recent.

According to, Doubleplay offers a unique secondary display to supplement the main 320x480 HVGA screen, splitting the keyboard a like the legacy Nokia E70 Symbian handset.
Based on the branding of the phone, it appears to be headed T-Mobile’s way, although that’s not surprising, especially since it has long been rumored that the device could be arriving on T-Mobile ever since it was first spotted several months back.

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Unfortunately while the photo and its name has surfaced, details surrounding the handset are still a little foggy at the moment. All that is known is that it will sport a slideout QWERTY keyboard, which will feature a 320×480 HVGA display in the middle, similar to the Nokia E70 Symbian handset back in the day. The LG Doubleplay is expected to launch 2nd November and will cost $150 on contract.