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jolla sailfish os 2.0


We have followed the journey of Jolla for the past couple of years, but it looks like the company might be in a little bit of trouble as it has have released an official press release that calls for layoffs and debt restructuring.

firefox os

Mozilla has released a Developer Preview of its Firefox OS which can be installed on Android devices as an app, with a slightly limited feature set compared to the full blown OS.

Firefox OS is a lightweight operating system which relies heavily on web technologies in its apps and overall user experience, and the Developer Preview brings the same experience to Android as an app. Just as other launcher apps on Android, the preview app will replace the standard launcher and drawer on the user's device with the Firefox OS one. It includes most apps from the full OS except for system apps such as the task manager, utility tray, navigation keys and settings.

qualcomm snapdragon
In recent years, Qualcomm has come to dominate a vast chunk of the mobile market. The company offers chips for all classes of mobile devices, including its high-end Snapdragon 808 and 810, which have been built into many of the latest flagships.
To replace the 810, which was mired in controversy with rampant rumours of excessive overheating, the company has announced the Snapdragon 820. The 64-bit chip features improvements across the board, and represents Qualcomm's commitment to 'immersive technologies' in the wake of virtual and augmented reality devices.

apple music for android
It's been just over four months since Apple launched its 'revolutionary' new music platform, and it seems to have got off to a pretty solid start. A couple of weeks back, the company's CEO Tim Cook revealed that it had already signed up 6.5 million subscribers - but the potential to grow its user base has increased considerably today, with the launch of Apple Music on Android.


fly labs

Google is said to have acquired Fly Labs, maker of four iOS apps for quickly editing video, and will put its team to work on Google Photos. "It's a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we're looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos," Fly said in a statement posted to its website. The company will continue to offer its four apps — Clips, Fly, Tempo, and Crop — for the next three months, and Google is giving away what used to be in-app purchases for free during that time.