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Facebook Admin Roles
Facebook added new features to its Pages service that should make life easier by allowing five different admin roles as well as scheduled posts.

The scheduled posts feature allows Pages administrators to click on a clock icon located on the bottom left of the post box and set a time for when the post should be published. Posts can be set for at least 10 minutes ahead and up to six months in advance with intervals of 15 minutes.

Likewise, a post can be set for a previous date, which publishes it immediately but in the correct location on the page's timeline.

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Facebook has also added five admin roles for Pages, which are "Manager," which has access to everything, followed by "Content Creator," "Moderator," "Advertiser" and "Insights Analysts," which has the least amount of abilities and can only see a page's statistics.

Advertisers can see insights as well as create ads for the page while Moderators have those two abilities as well as two others, which are send messages from the page and respond to comments as well as delete them.

Above that is the Content Creator, which enables the person to do everything already noted as well as create posts on a page, edit a page and add apps to it. And finally, the Manager can do all the above with the addition of managing others' roles.

The new features come about two weeks after Facebook released an iPhone app that makes it easier for people managing Facebook Pages to handle the service on the go.

From: Los Angels Times