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It has come to light that there is a small glitch on the Google+ website. As many Gmail and Google fans will know, Google+ is the new social networking website that is supposed to revolutionize the way people interact with each other and possibly overtake Facebook in sheer numbers. Read More

Google recently announced that no more exclusive invitations will be sent out, as the website is in closed beta testing, with visitors being greeted with the message of bad news.

But there is a small glitch that Google may not have bargained on, and it’s rather easy to circumvent the no-invitation policy. All that is needed is for a friend to be on Google+ already.

All your friend has to do is share a post from within Google+ to anyone with a Gmail account. Once the mail arrives at the intended recipient, they open the mail and click on “View or comment on (the sender)’s post”.

After that, and to actually see the post, users just click on “Join Google+”. It’s that easy, but don’t expect this method to be functioning for a long time, as Google is probably already working on patching it.